Walk-in chambers from own production

With our walk-in chambers series SKZ and STZ we can respond to all user needs and requirements. Flexibility, reliability and superior quality characterize our chambers.

- Any size available
- two versions, up to 100°C our 180°C
- temperature range -70°C to +180°C
- Thermostatic Chamber or Climatic Chamber
- Humidity range 10% bis 98% r.H.
- same control as in the standard series
- very long durability through high quality materials
- Stainless steel interior and exterior possible

2013 we have installed a system in the new SmartEST-Laboratory of the Austrian Institute of Technology.

Wazzle - modular walk-in chambers

Without compromising our high standards of quality and reliability, we wanted to reduce delivery times to twelve weeks or less and avoid the costs of design and engineering normally associated with the customized walk-in chambers.

The solution is the WAZZLE; a cost-effective, modular design comprising the four basic elements of a walk-in chamber that can be mixed and matched to provide a configuration to suit the majority of requirements:

  • Plant Unit.
  • Air Handling System.
  • User interface.
  • Vessel Construction

The Wazzle line includes 4 models according to their useful capacity: Compact (10 m3), Medium (16 m3), Large (30 m3) and Extra Large (40 m3).

Each of these models is available in 6 versions according to cooling unit dimensions, except for Compact model which is available only in 4 versions (see the datasheet for detailed technical features of cooling units and performances).


  • Reduction in the lead-time for chamber production
  • Improved cost-effectiveness of the equipment
  • The facility to use the same combination of plant unit and air handling system on walk-in chambers which have:
    • Different geometry
    • Different temperature rates
    • Different minimum and maximum temperature limits
    • Different thermal load
  • Easy to assemble on site
  • Easy to disassemble, relocate and rebuild the equipment, if necessary
  • Possibility to upgrade or refurbish existing facilities by using the plant unit / air handling system / user interface without requiring major reconstruction work