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Services to environmental simulation systems

SimTech Test Chambers
Specification, Configuration and further details to our temperature- and climatic test chambers

MyKratos control software allows you to manage, monitor and assist the new Discovery My test chambers anywhere, at any time, in multiple ways (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, UMTS) via mobile and desktop devices.

Video DM-Serie
Video of MyKratos

Discovery My thermostatic and climatic test chambers
The new test chambers "Discovery My"from Angelantoni are available in 3 executions:
Universal use
-40/-70 to +180°C, up to 4,5 K/min
Stability test
-20 to +180°C and 1,5 K/min
Stress Screening
-40/-75 to +180°C, up to 8 K/min
Severe Stress Screening
-75 to +180°C, up to 15 K/min
Eco-friendly Flower-series
-40/-75 to +180°C, up to 7 K/min

Video of MyKratos
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Stability test systems / Pharmaceutical
For long-term stability measurements we offer chambers with 1500 and 3000 liters, according to the requirements we can offer other sizes and designs as well.
Including IQ/OQ/PQ with up to 9 probes, including documentation.

Service for your laboratory
Maintenance and §22 Inspection
Modification of equipment
Climatic and cooling service

Modification, Adaption, Renovation
You are interested in a modification of your test chamber? We offer a free, completely non-binding assessment of your system regarding feasibility, scope and cost. Make an appointment!