Industrial furnaces - innovative, made-to-measure furnace systems

Airtec industrial furnaces are for a wide range of tasks and applications in all branches of industry. Examples of these are: impregnating resin driers, paint dryers, powder enamelling furnaces, adhesive water dryers, coating dryers, heat treatment of thermoplastics products, thermosets, reinforced plastics and composites, and all other areas where heat treatment is required for your application.

Airtec's international client base trusts the knowledge and experience of the staff in implementing customers' product requirements in innovative and efficient furnace systems.

With the industrial furnaces Airtec offers a tailor-made solution for your product to suit your specific applications.

At competitive prices!

Whether you want to warm your product, quench, harden, temper, sinter or dry it.

Airtec offers the efficient furnace system in a version that suits your needs for all products up to a temperature of 500°C.

For all types of furnace, including electric, gas and oil-fired ones, Airtec provides designs to suit your applications, or in line with customer requirements. Designs may include lift gates, rollers, rotary drums, trolleys, conveyance and drawer systems, fixed angle rails and trays, mounted floor rails, etc., all with fine-tuned control and visualisation.

Airtec furnaces are state of the art and meet all currently applicable regulations and standards, particularly the Machinery Directive (MRL 2006/42/EC). Airtec can in principle design, pursuant to DIN EN 1539, furnaces for use in heat-treatment processes in which solvents are released and where explosive or flammable mixtures may build up.

You too can take advantage of our furnaces to guarantee:

  • high energy efficiency
  • solid construction for maximum strength
  • low maintenance costs
  • low operating costs
  • high temperature accuracy in the effective space (+/- 2°C)
  • homogeneous heat distribution
  • long service life
  • optimum processing times
  • high safety standards

Our experienced team is available to give you advice and practical support to implement complex, application-specific tasks right from the planning phase. This applies not only to new production processes, but to conversion projects as well.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you, and we look forward to demonstrating our capabilities.