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We offer products from ARCTIKO and GRAM.
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We offer you a free maintenance of your unit in the first year!

All Arctiko LR, PR, LF and PF models are now available with ATEX interior (approved for Zone 2 category III), which allows your to store flammable substances safely.

Furthermore we offer matching interior for units of all manufacturers (shelves, racks, boxes)

ARCTIKO Freezers/Refrigerators

Scandinavian design and Ultimate performance technology
Storing samples at ultra low temperatures is always a very sensitive process, because the items kept are most likely high value drugs, or irreplaceable samples of DNA, blood, cells, etc.

Most ULT manufacturers are offering units without all the necessary features you need for safe storage (data logger, alarms, etc). They will eventually be added to the total cost, making the real price very unclear.
Arctiko is not like that: what you see is what you get, always striving to provide
the customers with the latest technology and with as many features as possible, as a standard.

Arctiko is the art of simplicity, because creating solutions for you, is that simple.

Although ARCTIKO can meet any application between +14°C to -152°C, we are
constantly innovating to reduce the energy consumption of our freezers. By using our patented single compressor system, you save 40-50% less energy. Our units have a lower heat dissipation than other products on the market, and therefore, you make significant savings your air-conditioning bills too.

Arctiko units are available with the patented single compressor system or with 2 compressors.