Halt & Hass

Reliability is a key factor for any product durable success and for the competitiveness in the global market, the return of investment in product reliability has been proven to be very satisfactory for both the user and the manifacturer.

By using the Angelantoni System, you can submit your product to extreme environmental stresses. Perform various accelerated stress test methods like HALT, HASS, Step Stress Testing, and others.

Each type of stress precipitates specific defects that might be missed by traditional testing methods and equipment. 

How to translate the theory in design solution.

Our UHS is designed specifically for performing accelerated tests by applying extreme environmental stress.

It consists of the following systems:

  • The chamber with front and back door, optional windows and additional portholes, with cooling by LN2 expansion and heating by powerful nichrome heaters, with massive air flow which also has directional changing capability : through the air slot or through the flexible air ducts; 
  • The 6 Degree Of Freedom shaking table provided with direct aluminium fixtures and teflon coated actuators powered by compressed air.The table has adjustable height for loading unloading convenience and for different chamber useful volume (1000 or 700 liters). The shaker is able to deliver the vibration power on a wide frequency band thus stimulating a complete modal range and relevant possible failures;
  • The PC with Winkratos SW, is the easy user interface for programming environmental testing cycles and control events, for the real time acquisition and record of the main data;
  • The electrical control panel which uses top quality components designed and assembled according to the Œ norms;
  • The humidity control system (optional) which adds more effectiveness to the test giving the possibility to combine an additional important environmental parameter. The complete system is intended as a turn-key system designed and manufactured within Angelantoni Industrie.