Angelantoni Dry Corrosion Test Cabinet

The new approach to corrosion diagnostics (DCTC®) has overcome the traditional concept of "salt spray chambers". Extremely reliable, the chamber allows to study the specimens undergoing incisive stress such as "scab" and "filiform" corrosion.

The chamber is completely made of plastic anti-corrosion materials ensuring endurance and perfect seal over time. The two models available, "basic" and "programmable" (P), differ in their control systems: the "basic" version features a manual control system whereas the P version is equipped with a µPLC-based control system, complete with 5-function keyboard and a display allowing tests to be carried out automatically.


  • High-resolution dosage and high-precision spraying of the saline solution (atomization).
  • Fully-transparent hood with servo-assisted opening and automatic stop of the running test.
  • Detachable lateral modules for easy introduction into small rooms or for the upgrade of the test compartment from 600 to 1200 litres.
  • Automatic system for the reduction of fumes in the test compartment (P).
  • Regulating-valve manometer for the control of compressed air flow.
  • Flowmeter for the reading of the saline solution flow.