Test on photovoltaic panels

The new series of chambers for tests on photovoltaic panels satisfy all the needs of a testing laboratory.

The main 3 models PV3000, PV4500, PV8500 are dedicated to the Standard Test Methods established by the norms:

IEC 61215, IEC 61646  and IEC 62108 (Photovoltaic Modules)
EN12975-1, EN12975-2 (Thermal Modules)

The DH models are basic climatic chambers specifically fit to  carry out the simple but long-term Damp Heat Tests required by the Standard Test Methods (85°C/85% RH for 1000 h), so leaving to the the more performing chambers the task of executing the more complex tests.

The UV3000 is a specific test chamber to perform the required radiation pre-treatment phase.

Other equipment can be provided on request, such as  the Hail Test equipment and the Data Acquisition System.