Angelantoni Thermal shock test

ACS thermal shock chambers stand out for their utmost flexibility.
Available in several versions to better suit different testing needs, they may be broadly divided into:
- air-to- air thermal shock chambers (CST series)
- liquid-to-liquid thermal shock chambers (CSTL series)
- horizontal or vertical chambers with 2 or 3 compartments corresponding to 2 or 3 different temperature levels (hot, ambient temperature, cold).

The capacity of these chambers ranges from 27 to 1000 litres. The µPLC-based control system consists of a user's interface with keyboard and display and allows pre-defined test cycles to be automatically run.


  • Use of ecological refrigerants such as R404a, R23.
  • Basket transfer time from one compartment to another less than 10 seconds.
  • Fast recovery and stabilization times during hot-cold and cold-hot transfers, thanks to low thermal inertia and to the absence of radiating heat inside the chamber.
  • High response speed and linearity in the -100° C/+200° C range, thanks to a powerful thermoregulation system.
  • Doors equipped with a special automatic system blocking the running test at door opening.
  • Recirculation system ensuring a perfect air distribution inside the chamber.
  • Low liquid consumption on CSTL models (0.5 g/h for CSTL20).
  • Use of one liquid only (CSTL30).