Angelantoni Vibration Tests

anyvib™ is a new family of climatic chambers that can be interfaced with many various types of shakers for vertical, horizontal and tri-axial vibrations.

Why anyvib™?
Because anyvib™ is the easiest way to combine any kind of shaker with an environmental test chamber.

Very easy operation - lifting system allows to adapt the test cabinet to the shaker height

Great flexibility - different removable floors, for vertical or horizontal vibrations, can adapt the chamber to any existing standard shakers.

Standard models - 600, 1200 and 2200 litres, -75°C to +180°C, humidity 10% to 98%, 3 choices of temperature change rate (5, 10 or 15°C/min)

User friendly controls - control system, based on PLC, has an easy to use color touch-screen control panel. The WinKratos Software allows the PC control of the chamber

Wide range of accessories - chambers can be equipped with several options to make them fit to customer specific models